Vietnam Revisited

In “The Portraits and Voices of the Vietnam War,” SAVANT’s Tom Sanders explores the people who were apart of the most confusing war in US history. Sanders captures men and women holding photographs, medals, and war memorabilia against dark green hues of the jungle.┬áThese beautifully lit images capture the somber effect that war and time has had on them.AMERICAN_GIS APPEAL bell_swing boat_ARVN canteen charlie_neighbor CLIFFORD_DECUIR combo_1_viet EDWARD_MESHINSKY FLASHLIGHT FRED_GRANADOS fruit_cake GARY_HIGGINES_2 GARY_HIGGINES_2B gerald_yahiro gram_jam GRUNT_PRESS_1 grunt_press_2 GRUNT_PRESS gun_magazine hand_grenade_american hanh_thuy_brother IMG_0468 copy IMG_0720 IMG_0757_darker IMG_0757 induction_form_nam jack_wells jim_jsan_jose john_kapua_cutout john_locke JOHN_REESE JOSE_VALEZ jungle KEN_COWING larry_gonzalez larry_LEOPOLD larry's_bud LE0_REDWOOD_CITY_B learn_nam meal_letter MICHAEL_SLATTENGREN mike_romos milk_can_bomb MORTAR_VASE_2 MORTAR_VASE navy_vietnam_hat pete_whalon poo_sensor PRISON_SHIR_A PRISON_SHIRT_B prisoner_box RAYMONDS_MEDALS ron_lowe RON_PETTY SAM_NIGH thuy TOM_CORBERT uniform vebus_mom venus_portrait VIETNAM_DICTIONARY vietnam_handbook vietnam_radio vietnam_shirt WINSOTN_CIGARETTES

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