Beautiful actress Grace Gealy, shot by Ben Miller. Catch her on the FOX hit tv series, EMPIRE.

SAVANT’s Nino Andonis sexy libations make for a perfect night cap to an unforgettable evening.

SAVANT’s Jodi Jones shoots new work in paris, showcasing the beautiful change of seasons with Evelina Szamszoncsik for a great spread in BULLETT Magazine.   

SAVANT’s Tom Sanders shoots Jimi Yamaichi, an interment camp refugee. The photos were shot for the San Jose State University, and will be published in their magazine called Washington Square.

The joys of being a kid are some of the most nostalgic memories we have as adults.SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim documents those moments for Ned as he enjoys some of his happiest days out in the city of New York.

SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim creates this winter set of images for Vogue Bambini. Kids

There’s always an elegance and simplicity in the color white, and SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim uses it well in his editorial for Vogue Bambini.

SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim  brings the outdoor feel indoors with his editorial for Vogue Bambini.  

SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim  goes out in the desert for his editorial for Vogue Bambini.

Enjoy these enchanted series of images created by SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim.

SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim brings out the personality of these kids with this studio series.  

SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim mixes in some fantasy for his editorial in Marie Claire Enfants.  

SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim fills the streets of London with some of the youth for these series of children’s photos.

Staying with a classic, here’s another brilliant set of black and white imagery by SAVANT’s Chris Callaway.  

SAVANT’s Nino Andonis makes us wish we can have one these right now with his always beautifully lit product photography.

SAVANT’s Nino Andonis reminds us that winter is around the corner with his winter set of Armani Exchange images.

Snuggle in and forget about the day with these images of hot coco and marshmallows from SAVANT’s Nino Andonis..

One the most vibrant and biggest pop culture events in the states, Comic Con brings out some of the best costumes that you can see on this side of the western hemisphere. SAVANT’s Ben Miller captures the people that make Comic Con a unique and one of a kind experience.  

For his book Faces of the Twentieth Century: Master Photographers and Their Work, SAVANT’s Mark Harris photographs the century’s best known photographers that have helped create and shaped the world of photography today. Abbas Albert Watson Alfred Eisenstaedt Annie Leibovitz Arny Freytag Christina Garcia Rodero David LaChapelle Edouard Boubat Gordon Parks Garciela Iturbide Helmut Newton

SAVANT’s Mark Harris has rare access to the worlds most reclusive country in the world, and shows us what life is like inside North Korea.

SAVANT’s Mark Harris takes us into Japans quiet mountain hot springs and public bathhouses for his book The Way of the Japanese Bath.  

The earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 was the strongest recorded in its history. When a camera is in the right hands, it can create a strong visual that conveys the weight of a situation. For SAVANT’s Mark Harris, witnessing the people of Japan rally on with quiet dignity was very admirable as

SAVANT’s Brian To helps bring hats back into fashion by shooting Ariane Millinery‘s store ads.

SAVANT’s Brian To shows us how Bamboo Colony plans on bringing a little fashion into our homes by shooting their store ads. 

SAVANT’s Brian To captures the beachy chic fashions of the Hamptons this summer for Hamptons Magazine.

SAVANT’s Brian To photographs the radiant skins of these women with a rich brown backdrop.

SAVANT’s Ben Miller shoots this catalog for LA based clothing line Local Celebrity.   via. Local Celebrity

SAVANT’s Brian To photographs this catalog for fitness brand Pitbull Clothing.  

We have SAVANT’s Brian To photographing the cast of The Closer for TNT.

SAVANT’s Brian To worked with GAP to create these fun and fresh ads for their perfume collection.