SAVANT’s Jodi Jones shoots new work in paris, showcasing the beautiful change of seasons with Evelina Szamszoncsik for a great spread in BULLETT Magazine.   

SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim creates this winter set of images for Vogue Bambini. Kids

SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim  brings the outdoor feel indoors with his editorial for Vogue Bambini.  

SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim  goes out in the desert for his editorial for Vogue Bambini.

Staying with a classic, here’s another brilliant set of black and white imagery by SAVANT’s Chris Callaway.  

SAVANT’s Nino Andonis reminds us that winter is around the corner with his winter set of Armani Exchange images.

SAVANT’s Brian To helps bring hats back into fashion by shooting Ariane Millinery‘s store ads.

SAVANT’s Brian To shows us how Bamboo Colony plans on bringing a little fashion into our homes by shooting their store ads. 

SAVANT’s Brian To captures the beachy chic fashions of the Hamptons this summer for Hamptons Magazine.

SAVANT’s Brian To photographs the radiant skins of these women with a rich brown backdrop.

SAVANT’s Ben Miller shoots this catalog for LA based clothing line Local Celebrity.   via. Local Celebrity

SAVANT’s Ben Miller shoots this lookbook for Indah Clothing. via. Indah Clothing 

SAVANT’s Ben Miller shoots this catalog for LA based clothing line Bella Luxx via. Bella Luxx

SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert brings this street fashion into its full force by contrasting spunky patterns and textures against the LA River. 

To commemorate the last day of May, we give you a beautiful set by SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert. Marcie’s set, “Maggie In May,” celebrates the long, sunny days of May with brilliant hues of green along with bold black and white images.

If this is a typical break for SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert then lunch will be on me. Brittany Lucas is simply alluring, from the bodysuit to the sequin dress, there is no wrong done here. 

Its always nice to see some color on these concrete walls in Los Angeles. With the help of Rachel from LA Models, SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert gave the city some life with these images.

What is there not to love about a woman with red lipstick on. Grace Bene is photographed here by SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert.

The purple pastel dress worn by Binx is shot enchantedly by SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert.  

Take a break and chill out  by the beach with Katie Chapman. Photographed by SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert.

Here we have Alysha Nett being photographed by SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaret in this retro inspired set of images.  

SAVANT’s John Michael Fulton submissions for Vogue’s New Exposure. The faded elegant look of the imagery brings back a feeling of nostalgia.   

Nothing short of gorgeous in this set of imagery featuring Lily Moffett by SAVANT’s John Michael Fulton for Ladygunn.    

There’s nothing bland about this images from SAVANT’S John Michael Fulton for Osei-Duro.   

SAVANT’s John Michael Fulton bring us this intense series of images for Dior Homme.  

We have Avery Tharp photographed in vintage pieces by SAVANT’s John Michael Fulton.   via LADYGUNN  

Come on in and join the party with SAVANT’s Jodi Jones for this colorful set of images for Z!NC Magazine.  

A touch of color can go a long way in these moody images by SAVANT’s Jodi Jones  for Z!NK Magazine.

SAVANT”s Jodi Jones photographs Maud Barrandon for Vogue China.

A modern twist on medieval times, SAVANT’s Jodi Jones photographs Phillip Moller for ADON Magazine.     Photographer: Jodi Jones Styling: Lisa Jarvis Make up: Griselle Rosario Hair: Takeo Suzuki Model: Phillip Moller @ RED NY via Adon Magazine