For his book Faces of the Twentieth Century: Master Photographers and Their Work, SAVANT’s Mark Harris photographs the century’s best known photographers that have helped create and shaped the world of photography today. Abbas Albert Watson Alfred Eisenstaedt Annie Leibovitz Arny Freytag Christina Garcia Rodero David LaChapelle Edouard Boubat Gordon Parks Garciela Iturbide Helmut Newton

SAVANT’s Mark Harris¬†gives us these detailed and intimate portraits of these orangutans.

SAVANT’s Mark Harris has rare access to the worlds most reclusive country in the world, and shows us what life is like inside North Korea.

SAVANT’s Mark Harris takes us into Japans quiet mountain hot springs and public bathhouses for his book¬†The Way of the Japanese Bath.  

The earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 was the strongest recorded in its history. When a camera is in the right hands, it can create a strong visual that conveys the weight of a situation. For SAVANT’s Mark Harris, witnessing the people of Japan rally on with quiet dignity was very admirable as