LA based creative Melodi Meadows (known by many as @babynative on Instagram) has released her very own jewelry collection entitled “Spirit in the Sky”, and has taken to the desert in order to highlight the collection in the environment that surely contributed to its inspiration.  The set features minerals such as amethyst, moonstone, and black onyx, and each

The cost of this project here, shot by SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks, cost more than 1 billions dollars. With a project this big, it has attracted a lot of public interest because of its substantial impact on communities, environments and budgets. 

Sometime we need to get out of the house and see what were missing from life’s natural beauty. Be inspired to get out by these beautiful landscapes by SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks.

Irish artist Richard Mosse uses infrared color film to create a contrast between beautiful scenery and human violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.   Via So It Goes