LA based creative Melodi Meadows (known by many as @babynative on Instagram) has released her very own jewelry collection entitled “Spirit in the Sky”, and has taken to the desert in order to highlight the collection in the environment that surely contributed to its inspiration.  The set features minerals such as amethyst, moonstone, and black onyx, and each

Artist Vakseen uses the idolization of pop culture beauty to reflect on the pressures of being a woman in modern times. He explores the idea that women are pressured for perfection through surgery, botox, makeup, jewelry and fashion. Recognizing these social conventions, he uses high end fashion magazines to strategically clip and collage the perfect

Artist Eugenia Loli transposes images to create a new narrative through vintage and modern photo collage. Her works transport the viewer from surreal landscapes to lifestyle collages.   via Empty Kingdom   

Artist visionary Mister Blick  creates collage images using historical war photos and flowers to implement a new meaning of peace and pacifically. Mister Blick transposes the images of grit and harsh war conditions and turns them into new meanings of hope and civility .   via Bored Panda