Staying with a classic, here’s another brilliant set of black and white imagery by SAVANT’s Chris Callaway.  

Mixing black and white models with colorful abstract cut outs, SAVANT’s Chris Callaway presents this lovely piece of mixed art.  

        Going for an outdoors feel in the studio, SAVANT’s Chris Callaway shoots this editorial for Beverly Hills Lifestyle. 

If you haven’t already, go check out SAVANT’s Chris Callaway’s video Ashes of My Paradise

Studio, natural light, SAVANT’s Chris Callaway does it all for Creem magazine.    

Color can often times make ordinary things seem extraordinary. This set of contemporary portraits by  SAVANT’s Chris Callaway blends the blonde from Bryden beautifully into the well themed colors of the backdrop. Model: Bryden Jenkins at LA Models Styled: Dalit Gweena Make up: Juanita Lyon at Celestine Agency Hair: Sienree at Celestine Agency

Reworking vintage fashion with a modern look, we have this classic set photographed by SAVANT’s Chris Callaway.  

Mixing textures with a bit of punk persona, SAVANT’s Chris Callaway showcases his mixed media side with these pieces.              

Well in this case its ok. SAVANT’s Chris Callaway does it again with this beautiful mix piece of landscapes.            

Putting the motion in emotion, SAVANT’s Chris Callaway establishes both in this outdoor set.    

SAVANT’s Chris Callaway did this fashion story with some pop and color in this set of imagery.

Combining the aesthetics of a studio along with the beauty of a model, SAVANT’s Chris Callaway photographs the harmony of beauty and fashion.

SAVANT’s Chris Callaway utilizes color in order to give “Ashes of my Paradise” a poppy burst of emotion. Check out this music video he directed for artist Kelly Sweet!