Dressed in Ralph Lauren and Melet Mercantile, actor Christian Bale poses for a spread in WSJ Mag, shot by Mikael Jansson. With his new movie Exodus: Gods and Kings directed by Ridley Scott soon to be released, Christian channels an inner  intensity within these photos. Styling by George Cortina. via WSJ

The Black Arrow is an illustration and graphic artist from Philadelphia, USA. This project is a collaboration between The Black Arrow, Brittany Ann Ryan and Bekka Gunther from MuseLyfe. The images explore the ideas and defining qualities of what it is to be a muse and source of inspiration for an artist. Drawing material from Salvador

Hristina from Bravemodels colors the streets with red with this editorial shot by Tania Lamonaca for CAKE Magazine  Photographer: Tania Alineri Model: Hristina @ Bravemodels MUA & Hair: Claudia Veltri Stylist: Enrica Lamonaca via. Cake Magazine 


Photographer Marjorie Salvaterra creates this series HER, to showcase the complexities of life, gender, and age, that all cultivate the idea of womanhood. In here artist statement Marjorie says “assure HER that she is not on this path alone.”   via. Feature Shoot 

Photographer Viviane Sassen has Alba Pistolesi and Gaia Repossi plying with color in this spread for Pop Magazine.         Pop Magazine A.W 2014 Photographer: Viviane Sassen Stylist: Vanessa Reid Model: Alba Pistolesi & Gaia Repossi via. Fashion Copious 

“Uninhibited, sad, empty, and erotic.” These are the words that Shanghai photographer Kuzi uses for his dark and moody works. via. Edge Neocha 

When on assignment about experimental anti age drugging treatments, photographer Angela Jimenez learned about an upcoming a UFTAF Masters Track and Field meet in Kentucky. A former Division 1 college track and field athlete, Angela started her series  ‘Racing Age”. Hugging around a Hasselblad and some rolls of film, Angela captures the beauty  and spirit

The joys of being a kid are some of the most nostalgic memories we have as adults.SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim documents those moments for Ned as he enjoys some of his happiest days out in the city of New York.

SAVANT’s Drew Sackheim brings out the personality of these kids with this studio series.  

Staying with a classic, here’s another brilliant set of black and white imagery by SAVANT’s Chris Callaway.  

With racial diversity being a strong issues in the fashion industry, curator Malcolm Mafara and photographer Thomas Oliver Betts decided to celebrate the diversity with their exhibition Dapper Gents. via. Clash

SAVANT’s Ben Miller photographs the leaders of tomorrow for the Boys & Girls Club. 

SAVANT’s Tom Sanders captures the colorful lives of Jazz musicians in black and white portraits. Tom’s carefully manipulated lighting casts an elegant glow on the faces and instruments of these Jazz legends.

For SAVANT’s Tom Sanders, the athlete transcends age. From a prime 20 year old to a 60 year old, sports is forever engraved in the hearts of those who played them.

Fresh from the box, SAVANT’s Nino Andonis photographs the journey an oyster makes from the box to the chef in this series of black and whites.    

SAVANT artist Marcie Cobbaert gives us an intimate view of gritty street fashion in her black and white set, “Last Chance.”

We see the variety and talent that SAVANT’s John Michael Fulton brings to the table.          

Renata Wanderly comes out stunning in these photos by SAVANT’s Jodi Jones .  

SAVANT”s Jodi Jones photographs Maud Barrandon for Vogue China.

A modern twist on medieval times, SAVANT’s Jodi Jones photographs Phillip Moller for ADON Magazine.     Photographer: Jodi Jones Styling: Lisa Jarvis Make up: Griselle Rosario Hair: Takeo Suzuki Model: Phillip Moller @ RED NY via Adon Magazine

SAVANT’s Jodi Jones was the art director for this shoot photographed by Laurence Brett Wiener for Hunger TV.   Photography: Laurence Brett Wiener Styling: Lisa Jarvis Art director: Jodi jones at Wonderful Machine Makeup: Griselle Rosario by Ken Barboza using Chanel USA Hair:Casondra Rae using Sebastian Professional Nails: KellyB using Kiss Digital Tech: Jeffery Gunthart

SAVANT’s Jodi Jones does this masterful set of black and white imagery for Beautiful Savage  

          SAVANT’s Jodi Jones helps bring out the goth for Katie Gallagher clothes for Savage Magazine.     Styling: Rowshana Jackson 

SAVANT’s John Michael Fulton photographs the lovely Heather Kemesky against the always classic white wall for Schon! Magazine.

If you haven’t already, go check out SAVANT’s Chris Callaway’s video Ashes of My Paradise

Reworking vintage fashion with a modern look, we have this classic set photographed by SAVANT’s Chris Callaway.  

Here we have the mesmerizing Minji Money as photographed by SAVANT’s Adam Rindy.    

For most, rebellion is an act of disobedience. For others, its a headstrong approach towards challenging what the traditional routine is. SAVANT’s Adam Rindy brings in a touch of vintage imagery to his set, “I am Rebel,” for See You Monday.        

Hedi Slimane photographs the ever so beautiful Grace Hartzel, who stars in the Pre- Fall 14 collection of Saint Laurent Paris   via NOWEAR LAND

Ian Cole captures the beautiful Katarina Nemcova in a tastefully dark and moody spread for Supplementaire. Hair and Makeup artfully done by Sandra Bermingham.     via Supplementaire Art & Fashion Journal