The phrase, “it’s like finding a needle in a haystack” has never been more true in Sven Sachsalber‘s performance piece at the Palais de Tokoyo in Paris. Setting aside 24 hours to handpicking his way through a large pile of hay, his process was filmed for 18 hours until the shiny piece was finally discovered. The

Artist Mirza Davitaia’s large abstract paintings are crafted from two worlds: his Eastern European childhood and the Western European artistic education. Coming from an artist father, Davitaia began painting at a very young age and continued to practice by getting formal art training. Drawing from the boldness of line, color, and texture, Davitaia’s paintings explore his

Painter Hayk Matsakyan, weaves a story through his artwork that alludes to modern couples that unfortunately loses interest in real love and feelings, and become more addicted to ever changing technologies but their beloved ones. Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 30×40 in.  

Artist Lana Del Rey poses beach side in the fall of Los Angeles for the new Galore Magazine spread shot in Malibu. Del Rey was shot by boyfriend Franceso Carrozzini in her vintage attire as the backdrop of the ocean frames the photo.     via Fashion Gone Rouge

Xiouping, meaning Little Apple in Chinese, is a California born artist and has lived all over the state in major cities. Since 1986, the New Genre Artist has been creating art works that span across mediums of analog, digital, performance, film, sculpture, painting and drawing. This series is taken from a work entitled LIGHT, A series

Artist Kat Bing went to Cal State LA  in Southern California. graduating with a background in graphic design. Exploring her background in design, she  uses a modern cubist approach to her paintings, while also combining the technique of splatter to her acrylic paintings. Check out her unique style: