There’s something about the grain, tones, and something about the happy mistakes and surprises that occur along with it.  Sarah Eiseman seems to know this well, as it appears she has experimented with “stewing” her film in a “soup” of chemicals to produce surreal artistic effects. Add to that different techniques of processing and darkroom trickery, and the

Illustrations and writing from a current art book project titled Thoughts.  

Zara Kand Presented Her Oil And Canvas Creation. Using The Elements Of The Cosmic Plain, Dreams, And Nature As The Bed From Which Her Creation Wake, Her Portrays Transportation To An Awareness Beyond Our Immediate Surroundings.

Muralist  Seth Globepainter paints beautifully rich landscapes of people intertwining between one dimension and the next. The bodies in the images are always being transported between one world and the next, their faces usually turned away from the viewer, providing a sense that the figures are in their own world, blissfully concerned what is happened in

Artist Mirza Davitaia’s large abstract paintings are crafted from two worlds: his Eastern European childhood and the Western European artistic education. Coming from an artist father, Davitaia began painting at a very young age and continued to practice by getting formal art training. Drawing from the boldness of line, color, and texture, Davitaia’s paintings explore his

Painter Hayk Matsakyan, weaves a story through his artwork that alludes to modern couples that unfortunately loses interest in real love and feelings, and become more addicted to ever changing technologies but their beloved ones. Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 30×40 in.  

A gouache painting depicting sensuality in our snakes by artist Ash ‘Zombee’ McGee

MOCAtv created a short documentary on street artist NEKST who was a large contributor to the Detroit art scene. MOCA has a tribute show going up at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Other artists describe their intimate moments with NEKST and the way he influence the practice on the Detroit scene.     via Animal

Artist Nicolas Di iorio focuses his work on the convergence of juxtaposing ideas in multiple mediums. Documenting his process of meditative rendering he allows his work to produce a self-induced therapy.  

Artist Graphik H is a multi-disciplinary artist that creates surreal videos and illustrations.   Graphik H

Artist Vakseen uses the idolization of pop culture beauty to reflect on the pressures of being a woman in modern times. He explores the idea that women are pressured for perfection through surgery, botox, makeup, jewelry and fashion. Recognizing these social conventions, he uses high end fashion magazines to strategically clip and collage the perfect

Combining the elements of a babe and her spirit animal, artist Meegan Barnes uses graphite and water color to create her series entitled When Spirit Animals Attack.

Artist Charlotte Hacker-Mullen created a series of street art works of female nudes based off of classical paintings and porn. These figures are hard to recognize its original origins as the abstracted nature creates a lack of understood space.  

Xiouping, meaning Little Apple in Chinese, is a California born artist and has lived all over the state in major cities. Since 1986, the New Genre Artist has been creating art works that span across mediums of analog, digital, performance, film, sculpture, painting and drawing. This series is taken from a work entitled LIGHT, A series

Gregory Euclide ‘s creations jump from the canvas and into the personal space of the viewer. Breaking the 2dimensional stereotype of gallery art and public viewing. His pieces literally continue from the frame of the canvas sometimes spilling out on to the floor creating a new perspective for this artist. His work opposes with the viewer’s

Artist Eugenia Loli transposes images to create a new narrative through vintage and modern photo collage. Her works transport the viewer from surreal landscapes to lifestyle collages.   via Empty Kingdom   

Artist visionary Mister Blick  creates collage images using historical war photos and flowers to implement a new meaning of peace and pacifically. Mister Blick transposes the images of grit and harsh war conditions and turns them into new meanings of hope and civility .   via Bored Panda   

Artist Kat Bing went to Cal State LA  in Southern California. graduating with a background in graphic design. Exploring her background in design, she  uses a modern cubist approach to her paintings, while also combining the technique of splatter to her acrylic paintings. Check out her unique style:

Photographer Melissa Cartagena is working on an ongoing series entitled ‘Docile’ in which she will photograp hundreds of women in only black and white. She says, “the woman is shown as she is or as she wants to be. In this case, I’m just an instrument…”  via C-Heads Magazine

On the site Etsy, Fabulous Cat Papers has made its mark with its unique and beautiful handmade notebook embroidered designs. Chara, the creater of the organization, uses the technique juxtaposing her emboroidery with photos to put life into the work. via DeMilkedDeMilked | DeMilked  

In this portrait series, Walter Schels captures subjects moments before and after death. After overcoming his own fear of death upon entering his 70’s, he took upon this project to dive into a subject that made him uncomfortable for most of his life. The post Powerful Portraits of Individuals Before and Directly After Their Death appeared first

In Jeremy Fisher‘s piece entitled Temporary Happiness, he is exploring the ideas of connection we share and how these relationships evolve over time. The two deer represented in the piece, illustrate that while they are geographically separated by a gap, they are still connected. To Fisher, the use of the skulls remind us of our

This Is A Love Song launches a new campaign called “Crazy Sexy Cool” by photographer Angga Pratama and model Helene Janssen. Styling done by Angie Anggoro and make-up by Anastasia. The brand says the new women’s collection is inspired by 90’s hip hop style, seen by TLC and Aaliyah. This collection is also special because it is the premiere launch

Artist Alma Haser creates a series entitled “Twins” featuring two women mirroring each other’s movements aiming to become one entity. Haser has always ben intrigued by twins and the closeness of physical appearance and personality. The post Twins by Alma Haser appeared first on Blend\Bureaux. Artist Alma Haser creates a series entitled “Twins” featuring two women

Changing the canvas as we know it, FRAMED brings digital art into everyday households. via. FRAMED

Californian Loren Stump combines art and craftsmanship with these masterful works of murrain. When sliced, each piece reveals a new part of the work.       via. Stump Chuck 

We have no idea what the story is but hey the visuals are pretty awesome. Enjoy “Love” by artist Wang XX. via. NeonEdge

Mixing black and white models with colorful abstract cut outs, SAVANT’s Chris Callaway presents this lovely piece of mixed art.  

Mixing textures with a bit of punk persona, SAVANT’s Chris Callaway showcases his mixed media side with these pieces.              

Well in this case its ok. SAVANT’s Chris Callaway does it again with this beautiful mix piece of landscapes.