SAVANT’s Tom Sanders helps preserve the faces and stories of those who have fought in World War ll with these portraits from his book The Last Good War.

There is not shortage of personality here with these portraits done by SAVANT’s Tom Sanders.

A love that can last decades is a rarity in todays time. SAVANT’s Tom Sanders shows us that love truly can be endless. e

SAVANT’s Tom Sanders shows us the delicate veins and earthy gradients of leaves with his up close photography of wine leaves.

SAVANT’s Tom Sanders captures the colorful lives of Jazz musicians in black and white portraits. Tom’s carefully manipulated lighting casts an elegant glow on the faces and instruments of these Jazz legends.

SAVANT’s Tom Sanders early work shows a lot of promise. We can only imagine what wonderful stories accompany these portraits.

For SAVANT’s Tom Sanders, the athlete transcends age. From a prime 20 year old to a 60 year old, sports is forever engraved in the hearts of those who played them.

They always say don’t judge a book by its cover. What you see are not strippers, but just the everyday woman using the pole for fitness and liberation. SAVANT’s Tom Sanders says it best “We should dig deeper to inquire about people’s life style choices before drawing conclusions.” via Daily Mail

For SAVANT’s Tom Sanders the vineyards produce more than just the eloquent wine that we drink–they also produce these soulful images. These beautiful images remind us just how earthy our wine really is. hy images

For Perry Wolff, being in your 80’s alongside 15 Emmy’s isn’t such a bad life. SAVANT’s Tom Sanders was commissioned to create a calendar of artist in their 80’s and above. Throughout the project, we can see that Tom met a variety of talented artists, one who was the Mrs. Banks from Marry Poppins (Glynis