There’s something about the grain, tones, and something about the happy mistakes and surprises that occur along with it.  Sarah Eiseman seems to know this well, as it appears she has experimented with “stewing” her film in a “soup” of chemicals to produce surreal artistic effects. Add to that different techniques of processing and darkroom trickery, and the

LA based creative Melodi Meadows (known by many as @babynative on Instagram) has released her very own jewelry collection entitled “Spirit in the Sky”, and has taken to the desert in order to highlight the collection in the environment that surely contributed to its inspiration.  The set features minerals such as amethyst, moonstone, and black onyx, and each

Illustrations and writing from a current art book project titled Thoughts.  

SAVANT’s Nino Andonis sexy libations make for a perfect night cap to an unforgettable evening.

One more glamorous creation from a photographer David Benoliel Stylist Danny Santiago brings amazing looks on a beautiful Ginatare Sudziute from such designers as Saint Laurent, DKNY, Balmain. Her perfect hair and makeup for a night time was made by Virgina Lefay . The blonde beauty poses at night under city lights wearing cool prints

No words can describe an image, especially when it comes to beauty. Another great time-lapse make over from team with beautiful model Tiffany lee show us the trends of each decade between 1910-2010 in Korea including how political changed influenced style.

Zara Kand Presented Her Oil And Canvas Creation. Using The Elements Of The Cosmic Plain, Dreams, And Nature As The Bed From Which Her Creation Wake, Her Portrays Transportation To An Awareness Beyond Our Immediate Surroundings.

With clothes from Stella McCarthney, Prada, and LV, photographer Skye Tan captures Josh Es‘s styling in these graphic images featuring Klaire as the subject. With makeup to match, Klaire dons the variety of textures and colors in the Schön spread.     via Schön

In remark to The Devil Wear’s Prada infamous line “floral for spring? groundbreaking.” Marc Jacobs has a new military inspired look for spring-summer 2015 campaign that does not include florals. Photographed by David Sims, the campaign features notable models such as Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima, Issa Lish, Jessica Stam, Anna Ewers, Natasha Poly, Karlie Kloss and

Céline launched their new SS15 campaign that included a generational spin to the full spreads. Models Joan Didion, Marie-Agnès Gillot, & Freya Lawrence represent the 3 generations of women shot by photographer Jurgen Teller. The generations of women starts with the youngest at 14. via Fashion Copious

Cartier, Giesele Kaya, Moshino, Victoria Beckham and Zara are the few labels model Sydney Barber wears in the editorial for Schön Mag! Photographer Daniel Archer and stylist Faisal Westheimer create a modern chic look to Sydney, with dramatic makeup and poses to complement her features.     via Schön!

Belgian artist Stromae released his new album racine carrée (square root) and off it, the newest single “Papaoutai” (Papa where are you) came with a great video featuring the artist. Directed by Raf Reyntjen, the video tells the story of a young boy with a father who is there but not present emotionally. Stromae says that

As we approach the end of beautiful 2014, the future, as always, is a mystery. Beyoncé who killed the music game last year by dropping her album as a surprise, reveals her inspiration for the album and the constant looking ahead as a way to better herself. The video, a montage of directors from her

When an Elf leaves Middle Earth to return to 2014, she makes sure to dress appropriately. Evangeline Lilly, star in the new “The Hobbit” movie, poses in delicate lingerie for Esquire Magazine‘s Jan/Feb Issue. Evangeline shows the dgaf and relaxed attitude in the photos shot by Abbey Drucker. The star also talks about her upcoming children’s book

What color will the New Year of 2015 be? Last year was brought in with a Mean Girls attitude of pink and sass. Model Julia Frauche adorned the variety of pastel pink apparel styled from Sarah Gore-Reeves for photographer Nagi Sakai in the January 2014 Vogue Mexico release. This year has been a whirlwind of fashion,

Korean artist Na Young Wu illustrates eastern ideology on classic Disney movies using a modern technique known as “manhwa” .  The rich color and asian touch gives a new look on everyones favorites characters.   Little Mermaid   Alice in Wonderland   Beauty and the Beast    Princess and the Frog   Frozen   Red riding

A unique collaboration between Vans and Publish bring a modern redesign to the laid back and casual street wear the brands are used to. On December 18th, the two brands unveiled a twist on their shoes for a more upscale look that pairs with almost anything thanks to the sleek black and white design. “The Breton” is

Sylwana Zybura, also known as Madame Peripetie is a photographer/artist that uses a bold color and beautiful contradiction to create her “Dream Sequence” series of photographs.     via Empty Kingdom  

Handcrafted jewelry line Spell Designs combines elements of leather, silver, wood, and found treasures and turquoise. The launch of the lookbook photographed by Ali Mitton and modeled by Ashley Smith at Society Management showcases the beautiful designs amidst the Californian desert sunshine and on the back of a Harley Motorbike. Feel the sense of reckless abandonment as Ashley feels the sunshine through her

The new face of Roberto Cavalli  is revealed in the midst of the artists newest album release:Nicki Minaj! Stepping in forRita Ora who was last year’s icon for the brand, Nicki adorns beautiful dresses that bathe her and her curves in rainbow lights.  Photographer Francesco Carrozzini captures the rapper is summery and elegant apparel for the SS15.     via

During Milan Design Week 2014,  Citizen and architect Tsuyoshi Tane (DGT) collaborated on their “Best Entertaining” and “Best Sound” award winning installation LIGHT is TIME. The piece was so successful it was re shown in Japan at The Aoyama Spiral in Tokoyo. The installation is a vast de-assembly of 80,000 watch base plates strung up and lit to produce

The phrase, “it’s like finding a needle in a haystack” has never been more true in Sven Sachsalber‘s performance piece at the Palais de Tokoyo in Paris. Setting aside 24 hours to handpicking his way through a large pile of hay, his process was filmed for 18 hours until the shiny piece was finally discovered. The

Muralist  Seth Globepainter paints beautifully rich landscapes of people intertwining between one dimension and the next. The bodies in the images are always being transported between one world and the next, their faces usually turned away from the viewer, providing a sense that the figures are in their own world, blissfully concerned what is happened in

Artist Mirza Davitaia’s large abstract paintings are crafted from two worlds: his Eastern European childhood and the Western European artistic education. Coming from an artist father, Davitaia began painting at a very young age and continued to practice by getting formal art training. Drawing from the boldness of line, color, and texture, Davitaia’s paintings explore his

Photographer Stephen Shore‘s new book receives a substandard review from A Photo Editor’s Jonathan Blaustein. Blaustein isn’t saying the book is bad, it’s just not at the level he was expecting from Stephen Shore. He believes that the book is missing Stephen’s special little “umph” or special sauce. Here are some images of the book,

Romanticizing the feminine beauty of model Rebecka Skiöld-Nielsen, photographer Can Sever shoots in a residential area placing Rebecka in relaxed natural beauty. Style by Gizem Goktepe and hair/makeup by Sam Araji.   via Zeum Mag

Recently Grammy nominated artist Little Dragon dropped their newest album with raving reviews and amazing new sounds. The video for their popular hit “Klapp Klapp” dropped and its eerie futuristic overtones are everything that we wanted from the group. Congrats to Little Dragon!  

Paring a futuristic vision from creative director Dustin Helgeson, photographer Zachary Chick, and artist  Josh Reames,  angular poses and triangles strike across the frame with model Chloe Norgaard in the center of the confusion. Complete with hair by Dakota Heman and make up by Lizzie Arneson, the photos come to life and the geometry seems to extend  from