On the site Etsy, Fabulous Cat Papers has made its mark with its unique and beautiful handmade notebook embroidered designs. Chara, the creater of the organization, uses the technique juxtaposing her emboroidery with photos to put life into the work. via DeMilkedDeMilked | DeMilked  

OMOTE / REAL-TIME FACE TRACKING & PROJECTION MAPPING. from something wonderful on Vimeo. A collaboration between Omote and Nobumichi Asai, is a real time face tracking and projection that maps the face to create a computer generated set of make up. Although its in the beginning stages, the creative possibilities look endless and its an

SURE architecture is proposing an idea that a building won’t be used for the usual 9-5 but as cities as well. Their creation Endless City creates a skyscraper that is an upright ecosystem. Meant for London, Endless City is a city that takes urban life and having it built outward, its something that is built

In dealing with his past 12 relationships, Sebastian Errazuriz designed twelve shoes to reflect each of his exes. Being vulnerable to his art, Errazuirez  said his exes had no problem with being exhibited, however he also said “others, I was a little concerned. There are a couple I just knew would be bad. There’s a husband

Get of the internet and start procrastinating with the worlds smallest 3D pen Lix. Having already collected more then three times their initial funding goal from kickstarter, Lix is soon to arrive on everyones desk.     via. Lix Pen 

Setting up camp has never been easier thanks to Alex Shirley- Smith’s Tentsile. A portable suspended tent to help us avoid those rocky, muddy, and sometimes buggy nights. Alex  says “Maybe by encouraging others to enjoy this, we might think twice about cutting them down,”  via. Tentsile   

Richard Clarkson created a new necessity in our homes with this interactive and speaker cloud lamp. Interacting with not only sound but with people, this awesome cloud brings a nice touch of modernism to any home. via. Richard Clarkson

Here at SAVANT, we like to be progressive. Progressive with our thinking, progressive with our art and progressive with our ideas on how to fix the damn a/c. We hope that these useful inventions one day get made, so our lives can run a little easier.   The Rolling Bench That You Can Use After

Josh Renouf from the UK may have just created the alarm clock to rule all alarm clocks. The “Barisieur” will create a cup of coffee soon after you wake up. Finally, something to ease that pain from that early morning slump.     via. Bored Panda

What started out as a high school photo assignment, soon became an internet hit. For her project “Counter // Culture” Ohio photographer Annalisa Hartlaub makes us think if we would fit in with the mainstream or go against it with this timeline of fashion selfies depilating mainstream and counter culture fashion. via. My Daily

This is a great example of what advertising can be in the 21st century. Funny, smart, compelling, holds your attention even though it’s not the most interesting product.   via Dollar Shave Club

Artist Michael Craig-Martin challenges us to think differently about our every day items with his artwork at the Alan Cristea Gallery. via DAILY SERVING

Inspired by the paintings of Dutch masters, Portland based Nick Shepard explores contemporary life in America. via Lintroller Online

Xue Liang is a Shanghai based artist who creates vivid collages that speak of loss, ambiguity, and identity.     via NeochaEDGE

Not only is Russia home to a law that forbids “propoganda promoting a homosexual lifestyle in public,” it is also home to Bekuchi Samvelidze and Vlad Turanskiy. Bekuchi and Vlad are a queer couple living, loving, and dreaming in a place that doesn’t love them back. Daliah Spiegel captures a day in the lives of these two lovers–in