What may appear insulting is actually a greeting card full of cheer. FINCH and Hare owner and designer Heather Abbot says “I imagine the cards in this shop bringing a little excitement to mailboxes all over the world”.       via. Bored Panda 

We finally found our calendars to hang at the Savant office for next year. Fantasy football is a game that break relationships or as in this case humiliates them. For placing last, Henry Stern had to create a calendar dedicated to famous pop culture moments. We can’t thank Henry enough for these hilarious recreations of

What’s a Dad to do when his son decides to get creative on his passport. For this Dad, it meant a prolonged vacation in South Korea. Unrecognizable by officials, Chen posted this photo to Weibo as a plea for help but with no luck he remains in South Korea. Were wondering if this is something

Branding is all about a great image and great customer feedback. For Clif Dickens, he’s thought of a creative way to help rebrand some of these well know companies with a bit of honesty. via. Honest Slogans 

Although he works in finance, photographer David Gilliver actually got his BA in fine arts. Injecting humor into his macro photographs, David uses mini figures to do some big jobs.       via. The Guardian

St. Louis Photographer Brandon Voges teamed up with Strange Donuts and ad agency The Marlin Network to present these humorous and light hearted images of models and their tasty doppelganger. via. Fubiz

Photographer T.Q Lee plays with our stomachs as he creates these still life’s of  our everyday foods out of not so everyday ingredients.         via. T.Q Lee

Scarfolk might be the craziest town that has never existed. Created by Richard Litter, Scarfolk is a town that was designed in the 1970’s, and with that town comes a lot of satire. Enjoy a laugh with these posters of kids, rabies and psychedelic discipline.   via. Animal 

When Russian artist Svetlana Petrova lost her mother in 2008, depression settled in and she soon found herself uninspired to create. With the help of her cat Zarathustra, Svetlana photoshopped her pet into some of the worlds most iconic paintings for some art and fun.    via. Demilked

Love often hits you when you least expect it. With this humorous ad from Volkswagen, can you blame the man from stopping everything to admire whats in front of him? Photographer: Nick Meek Executive Creative Director: Dylan Harrison Creative Directors: Nick Pringle & Steve Wakelam via: Creativity

This is a great example of what advertising can be in the 21st century. Funny, smart, compelling, holds your attention even though it’s not the most interesting product.   via Dollar Shave Club