Setting up camp has never been easier thanks to Alex Shirley- Smith’s Tentsile. A portable suspended tent to help us avoid those rocky, muddy, and sometimes buggy nights. Alex  says “Maybe by encouraging others to enjoy this, we might think twice about cutting them down,”  via. Tentsile   

Richard Clarkson created a new necessity in our homes with this interactive and speaker cloud lamp. Interacting with not only sound but with people, this awesome cloud brings a nice touch of modernism to any home. via. Richard Clarkson

Californian Loren Stump combines art and craftsmanship with these masterful works of murrain. When sliced, each piece reveals a new part of the work.       via. Stump Chuck 

Artist Chen Xi ‘s installation works “China Freak”, presented by NeochaEDGE, gives us a peak into his talented, creative mind. via NeochaEDGE ///

  Untitled, 2009 Inkjet print Photographer: Filip Dujardin  Source: Contemporary Art 

Check out this amazing project by Tokyo’s teamLab at the Hong Kong Arts Centre.  The project uses touch to control color and physical space.   via Designboom

The Icehotel is the largest hotel in the world built from snow and ice, and is located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.  French designers Les Ateliers de Germaine have designed a suite called “a postcard from France”.  It features meticulously crafted ice houses that invoke a dreamy cityscape.      via Design Taxi