LA based creative Melodi Meadows (known by many as @babynative on Instagram) has released her very own jewelry collection entitled “Spirit in the Sky”, and has taken to the desert in order to highlight the collection in the environment that surely contributed to its inspiration.  The set features minerals such as amethyst, moonstone, and black onyx, and each

One more glamorous creation from a photographer David Benoliel Stylist Danny Santiago brings amazing looks on a beautiful Ginatare Sudziute from such designers as Saint Laurent, DKNY, Balmain. Her perfect hair and makeup for a night time was made by Virgina Lefay . The blonde beauty poses at night under city lights wearing cool prints

A unique collaboration between Vans and Publish bring a modern redesign to the laid back and casual street wear the brands are used to. On December 18th, the two brands unveiled a twist on their shoes for a more upscale look that pairs with almost anything thanks to the sleek black and white design. “The Breton” is

During Milan Design Week 2014,  Citizen and architect Tsuyoshi Tane (DGT) collaborated on their “Best Entertaining” and “Best Sound” award winning installation LIGHT is TIME. The piece was so successful it was re shown in Japan at The Aoyama Spiral in Tokoyo. The installation is a vast de-assembly of 80,000 watch base plates strung up and lit to produce

Artist Vakseen uses the idolization of pop culture beauty to reflect on the pressures of being a woman in modern times. He explores the idea that women are pressured for perfection through surgery, botox, makeup, jewelry and fashion. Recognizing these social conventions, he uses high end fashion magazines to strategically clip and collage the perfect

Combining the elements of a babe and her spirit animal, artist Meegan Barnes uses graphite and water color to create her series entitled When Spirit Animals Attack.

Gregory Euclide ‘s creations jump from the canvas and into the personal space of the viewer. Breaking the 2dimensional stereotype of gallery art and public viewing. His pieces literally continue from the frame of the canvas sometimes spilling out on to the floor creating a new perspective for this artist. His work opposes with the viewer’s

Artist Eugenia Loli transposes images to create a new narrative through vintage and modern photo collage. Her works transport the viewer from surreal landscapes to lifestyle collages.   via Empty Kingdom   

Artist visionary Mister Blick  creates collage images using historical war photos and flowers to implement a new meaning of peace and pacifically. Mister Blick transposes the images of grit and harsh war conditions and turns them into new meanings of hope and civility .   via Bored Panda   

Animals transform into moving art peices in the new video for SansSouci / SS Issue N.1. by studio Ditroit.   via Empty Kingdom

Artist Kat Bing went to Cal State LA  in Southern California. graduating with a background in graphic design. Exploring her background in design, she  uses a modern cubist approach to her paintings, while also combining the technique of splatter to her acrylic paintings. Check out her unique style:

Photographer Shae DeTar captures beautiful images with her hand painted touch, crafting scenic landscapes into beautiful artworks. By painting directly on the negatives, DeTar is able to control where she decides to introduce new thoughts of color to her images.  

On the site Etsy, Fabulous Cat Papers has made its mark with its unique and beautiful handmade notebook embroidered designs. Chara, the creater of the organization, uses the technique juxtaposing her emboroidery with photos to put life into the work. via DeMilkedDeMilked | DeMilked  

In Jeremy Fisher‘s piece entitled Temporary Happiness, he is exploring the ideas of connection we share and how these relationships evolve over time. The two deer represented in the piece, illustrate that while they are geographically separated by a gap, they are still connected. To Fisher, the use of the skulls remind us of our

Illustrator Wendy MacNaughton uses her pen to create depictions of the people she meets and the stories they tell of their tattoos. MacNaughton has spent the last two years on a new book entitled Pen and Ink: Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them, detailing the significance of a person’s story behind their tattoos. <iframe src=”//″ width=”500″

The Black Arrow is an illustration and graphic artist from Philadelphia, USA. This project is a collaboration between The Black Arrow, Brittany Ann Ryan and Bekka Gunther from MuseLyfe. The images explore the ideas and defining qualities of what it is to be a muse and source of inspiration for an artist. Drawing material from Salvador

Changing the canvas as we know it, FRAMED brings digital art into everyday households. via. FRAMED

Its about time that technology has caught up to fashion. Opening Ceremony has finally broke the barrier of wearable tech with its bracelet MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory). Produced by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, this smart accessory  is wrapped in snakeskin and jewels that features a touchscreen display. via. Dazed Digital       

Looking where to take that next power nap. Come and knock out with these new designs that make nap time that much better. via. Design/Milk

What may appear insulting is actually a greeting card full of cheer. FINCH and Hare owner and designer Heather Abbot says “I imagine the cards in this shop bringing a little excitement to mailboxes all over the world”.       via. Bored Panda 

Rob Ley from Urbana Studio designed this interactive parking garage that would make any of our heads turn. Not the safest of things to do but from moving side to side, you can see the panels of the garage change.   via. Design/Milk

Welcome to the new age of mobile living. American design studios are now examining the concept of nomadism which is studying the culture of home, transportation, and trucking. Hosted by cultural organization KANEKO, Truck-A-Tecture is an exhibit that showcases the future of mobile architecture and prefab structures.    via. Design / Milk 

Doing it one page at a time, artist Brian Dettmer creates this extraordinary pieces of manipulation using knives, tweezers and surgical tools. As Brian says “My work is a collaboration with the existing material and its past creators and the completed pieces expose new relationships of the book’s internal elements exactly where they have been

OMOTE / REAL-TIME FACE TRACKING & PROJECTION MAPPING. from something wonderful on Vimeo. A collaboration between Omote and Nobumichi Asai, is a real time face tracking and projection that maps the face to create a computer generated set of make up. Although its in the beginning stages, the creative possibilities look endless and its an

Depending on the needs of the owner, this house has the luxury of rotating rooms. The Sharifi-ha house designed by Nextoffice is the definition of a modern house. via. Design-Milk 

Sometimes that photo bug just takes over and transcends into something beyond what a camera could capture. For a former helicopter pilot for the South Korean Air Force, his family and the love of photography helped create this cute coffee shop just six miles from Seoul, South Korea. via. My Modern Met

SURE architecture is proposing an idea that a building won’t be used for the usual 9-5 but as cities as well. Their creation Endless City creates a skyscraper that is an upright ecosystem. Meant for London, Endless City is a city that takes urban life and having it built outward, its something that is built

In dealing with his past 12 relationships, Sebastian Errazuriz designed twelve shoes to reflect each of his exes. Being vulnerable to his art, Errazuirez  said his exes had no problem with being exhibited, however he also said “others, I was a little concerned. There are a couple I just knew would be bad. There’s a husband

Get of the internet and start procrastinating with the worlds smallest 3D pen Lix. Having already collected more then three times their initial funding goal from kickstarter, Lix is soon to arrive on everyones desk.     via. Lix Pen 

Washington based artist Greg Klassen created these beautiful river and lake-like desk that combines art and furniture. Greg who has a degree in theology writes “I try to marry the natural beauty of the wood with the skilled craftsmanship of the maker. When the two come together, a piece can really sing!”     via. Greg