Rob Ley from Urbana Studio designed this interactive parking garage that would make any of our heads turn. Not the safest of things to do but from moving side to side, you can see the panels of the garage change.   via. Design/Milk

Welcome to the new age of mobile living. American design studios are now examining the concept of nomadism which is studying the culture of home, transportation, and trucking. Hosted by cultural organization KANEKO, Truck-A-Tecture is an exhibit that showcases the future of mobile architecture and prefab structures.    via. Design / Milk 

Depending on the needs of the owner, this house has the luxury of rotating rooms. The Sharifi-ha house designed by Nextoffice is the definition of a modern house. via. Design-Milk 

Sometimes that photo bug just takes over and transcends into something beyond what a camera could capture. For a former helicopter pilot for the South Korean Air Force, his family and the love of photography helped create this cute coffee shop just six miles from Seoul, South Korea. via. My Modern Met

SURE architecture is proposing an idea that a building won’t be used for the usual 9-5 but as cities as well. Their creation Endless City creates a skyscraper that is an upright ecosystem. Meant for London, Endless City is a city that takes urban life and having it built outward, its something that is built

For her ongoing series “Reflection From Above”, photographer Donna Dotan, points her camera down on top of skyscrapers in New York City. Not only does she capture the beautiful symmetry between the reflection and life, but also the energy that goes on in the city that never sleeps. Not surprisingly, Donna specializes in architectural photography.