Korean artist Na Young Wu illustrates eastern ideology on classic Disney movies using a modern technique known as “manhwa” .  The rich color and asian touch gives a new look on everyones favorites characters.   Little Mermaid   Alice in Wonderland   Beauty and the Beast    Princess and the Frog   Frozen   Red riding

Photographer Stephen Shore‘s new book receives a substandard review from A Photo Editor’s Jonathan Blaustein. Blaustein isn’t saying the book is bad, it’s just not at the level he was expecting from Stephen Shore. He believes that the book is missing Stephen’s special little “umph” or special sauce. Here are some images of the book,

On the site Etsy, Fabulous Cat Papers has made its mark with its unique and beautiful handmade notebook embroidered designs. Chara, the creater of the organization, uses the technique juxtaposing her emboroidery with photos to put life into the work. via DeMilkedDeMilked | DeMilked  

Casting director Douglas Perrett has seen the best of the best walk through his office. Douglass dusted off some old Polaroid’s of supermodels before they hit the big time to create his book “Wild Things”.  As he told Vogue “The book is a catalogue of my favourite go-sees from 2000 – 2010. Polaroids are a dated

Scarfolk might be the craziest town that has never existed. Created by Richard Litter, Scarfolk is a town that was designed in the 1970’s, and with that town comes a lot of satire. Enjoy a laugh with these posters of kids, rabies and psychedelic discipline.   via. Animal 

For his book Faces of the Twentieth Century: Master Photographers and Their Work, SAVANT’s Mark Harris photographs the century’s best known photographers that have helped create and shaped the world of photography today. Abbas Albert Watson Alfred Eisenstaedt Annie Leibovitz Arny Freytag Christina Garcia Rodero David LaChapelle Edouard Boubat Gordon Parks Garciela Iturbide Helmut Newton

After a decade, Wes Lang has finally culminated his work of skulls, flowers, motorcycle paraphanelia, and other detritus into a book.  “American Odyssey” makes reference to Ernest Hemingway, Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Grim Reaper, and several other esoteric American subjects.   via nowness

Photographer Billy Kidd describes his latest work as “… a lyrical, sensually-charged photographic exploration of the complicity between the artist and model as both lovers and creative partners.”  The new project, HEATHER HUEY WAS SHOT BY BILLY KIDD  is a masterful study of form and light, ensconced in a beautifully packaged hardcover book.