Photographer Melissa Cartagena is working on an ongoing series entitled ‘Docile’ in which she will photograp hundreds of women in only black and white. She says, “the woman is shown as she is or as she wants to be. In this case, I’m just an instrument…”  via C-Heads Magazine

On the site Etsy, Fabulous Cat Papers has made its mark with its unique and beautiful handmade notebook embroidered designs. Chara, the creater of the organization, uses the technique juxtaposing her emboroidery with photos to put life into the work. via DeMilkedDeMilked | DeMilked  

In this portrait series, Walter Schels captures subjects moments before and after death. After overcoming his own fear of death upon entering his 70’s, he took upon this project to dive into a subject that made him uncomfortable for most of his life. The post Powerful Portraits of Individuals Before and Directly After Their Death appeared first

In Jeremy Fisher‘s piece entitled Temporary Happiness, he is exploring the ideas of connection we share and how these relationships evolve over time. The two deer represented in the piece, illustrate that while they are geographically separated by a gap, they are still connected. To Fisher, the use of the skulls remind us of our

  Summer isn’t gone yet! Or at least Summer Heart  ‘s new song will make you believe so. The new single ‘Sleep’ comes out November 20th along with some tour dates from the Scandinavian artist which are listed below. Check it out! Summer Heart have confirmed the following shows: September 30 London The Old Blue Last October

Illustrator Wendy MacNaughton uses her pen to create depictions of the people she meets and the stories they tell of their tattoos. MacNaughton has spent the last two years on a new book entitled Pen and Ink: Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them, detailing the significance of a person’s story behind their tattoos. <iframe src=”//″ width=”500″

Photographer Nafise Motlaq  captures the relationships of Iranian fathers and daughters and the diverse bonds between them. After going through a relationship change between her own father, Motlaq returned to Iran to photograph a group of families in their homes and caption the photos with quotes from the daughters about their fathers.   The post ‘Iranian

This Is A Love Song launches a new campaign called “Crazy Sexy Cool” by photographer Angga Pratama and model Helene Janssen. Styling done by Angie Anggoro and make-up by Anastasia. The brand says the new women’s collection is inspired by 90’s hip hop style, seen by TLC and Aaliyah. This collection is also special because it is the premiere launch

Artist Alma Haser creates a series entitled “Twins” featuring two women mirroring each other’s movements aiming to become one entity. Haser has always ben intrigued by twins and the closeness of physical appearance and personality. The post Twins by Alma Haser appeared first on Blend\Bureaux. Artist Alma Haser creates a series entitled “Twins” featuring two women

Changing the canvas as we know it, FRAMED brings digital art into everyday households. via. FRAMED

Doing it one page at a time, artist Brian Dettmer creates this extraordinary pieces of manipulation using knives, tweezers and surgical tools. As Brian says “My work is a collaboration with the existing material and its past creators and the completed pieces expose new relationships of the book’s internal elements exactly where they have been

Who needs paint when you have ice cream. For Baghdad artist Othman Toma, he melts varieties of treats to create these paintings that almost look like those painted by watercolor.     via. Bored Panda 

Yoshi Sodeoka is currentley hosting an online gallery at Ani Gif to showcase the possibilities of the gif file. To see the rest click here. via. Today and Tomorrow

For his Series “Escape’, Russian photographer Daniel Tkachenko photographs the lives of those who turned their backs on the city to live in solitude with the wilderness. The work brings up many questions and an important one brought up by Tkachenko “School, work, family – once in this cycle, you are a prisoner of your own

In dealing with his past 12 relationships, Sebastian Errazuriz designed twelve shoes to reflect each of his exes. Being vulnerable to his art, Errazuirez  said his exes had no problem with being exhibited, however he also said “others, I was a little concerned. There are a couple I just knew would be bad. There’s a husband

Californian Loren Stump combines art and craftsmanship with these masterful works of murrain. When sliced, each piece reveals a new part of the work.       via. Stump Chuck 

Remember those Animorphs books? Well this is as close as we can get to becoming one. Enjoy these amazing body art works that make us appreciate the human body and all the curves that we produce.   via. My Modern Met 

Nothing photoshopped here. World renown French artist Georges Rousse uses his skills as an architectural photographer to completely mess with us with these almost impossible geometric designs.       via. Bored Panda 

William Utermohlen was diagnosed with alzheimers in 1995. Before his death in 2007, William created this final series of self-portraits documenting the slow and painful decay of his mind. His widow Patricia explains the portraits “In these pictures we see with heart-breaking intensity William’s efforts to explain his altered self, his fears and his sadness.”  via.Bored

For photographer Tim Tadder, throwing water balloons at bald men while in combination with sound triggers and lasers helped create these humorous and artistic photos of the immediate impact. Tim describes the process as “[finding] a bunch of awesome bald men and [hurtling] water balloons at their heads (…)”.   Via

Bubbles, toothpicks, and even crayons were all successful for photographer Stacy Thiot project where she uses everyday items to see if they stick to her husbands Pierce glorious beard. via. This Is Marvelous

College, the greatest time in our lives, but what happens when that ride is over. For photographer Damon Casarez, life after college was not filled with parties and test day with the usual hangover, but with student loan debt and moving back in with his parents. Making ends meet with editorial and assisting jobs, Damon

With warped walls and paint, artist Alexa Meade impresses us with these optical illusion pictures.   via. This Is Marvelous 

Photographer Estelle Choe makes us take a hard look at ourselves with our overindulgence of our materialistic needs. 34 billion dollars spent annually on supplements. 117 billion dollars spent annually  on fast food. 11 billion dollars spent annually on cosmetic surgery. 11 billion dollars spent annually on engagement and wedding rings.. 91 billions dollars spent

For her ongoing series “Reflection From Above”, photographer Donna Dotan, points her camera down on top of skyscrapers in New York City. Not only does she capture the beautiful symmetry between the reflection and life, but also the energy that goes on in the city that never sleeps. Not surprisingly, Donna specializes in architectural photography.

After a successful gallery run of large paintings David Phillips was in need of a new visual aesthetic.  On a whim Phillips’ dealer applied the artist for a showcase of mixed media works in San Francisco.  Once accepted into the show the artist realized he needed to make his first pieces using multiple techniques that

SAVANT’s Mark Harris gives us these detailed and intimate portraits of these orangutans.

When Russian artist Svetlana Petrova lost her mother in 2008, depression settled in and she soon found herself uninspired to create. With the help of her cat Zarathustra, Svetlana photoshopped her pet into some of the worlds most iconic paintings for some art and fun.    via. Demilked

With his natural and fantasy style, Shanghai artist Yang Fang Tao presents his new acrylic prints “7022”.   via. NeochaEDGE

How would you react if the photographer wore red lip stick, gave you a big one and then photographed the immediate aftermath? Well for Jedediah Johnson, that was the case for his Make-Out Project which was being exhibited at Art Museo at the Intercontinental Chicago O’Hare. As Jedediah said “There is no truth to what happens