Adornments of California Sun

Handcrafted jewelry line Spell Designs combines elements of leather, silver, wood, and found treasures and turquoise. The launch of the lookbook photographed by Ali Mitton and modeled by Ashley Smith at Society Management showcases the beautiful designs amidst the Californian desert sunshine and on the back of a Harley Motorbike. Feel the sense of reckless abandonment as Ashley feels the sunshine through her vintage look and the wind lapping her hair on the empty highway.

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley-Smith_Boho-Blossom-skirt_8361 Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley-Smith_Sundance-playsuit-safron_85501 Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley-Smith_Sundancer-playsuit_7861 Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho-Blossom-blouse_7247 Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho-Blossom-blouse_7264b

via C Heads

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