Joe Randolph came into the sport of fly fishing late by popular standards, but that didn’t stop him by becoming a master. Put on your rain pants and go in with SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks for his editorial for Outside Magazine.

France is 4th in global production of oysters and the industry has depended on them since the 18th century.  By the 50’s, the quality of oysters France was putting out was unmatched anywhere in the world. Lets go with SAVANT’s Tom Fowlk to his journey for the finest oysters in France. 

SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks went into the deepest river gorge in North America, Hells Canyon. Spending four days with the well equipped hunters in pursuit of wild turkeys, the hunters called it a ‘trip of a lifetime”.

Don’t call these people birdwatchers. The serious take themselves as just that, so the correct term to use for the observers of the recreating activity are called birders. Lets observe these photos taken by SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks for the NY Times.

We sometimes don’t give credit to the little things in life. Take this tugboat for an instance. With an output of nearly 6000 horsepower and a bollard pull of more then 65 metric tons, this piece of machinery is responsible of all the heavy lifting in the canals. Without these boats, some vessels can’t dock

SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks went to the deepest southwest, just above the Mexican boarder town of Agua Prieta, that lies a expanse of cattle ranches that comprise the Malpai Borderlands. Having gone through environmental and economic forces, the families that now live there have banded together to create a new generation of cowboys and cowgirls to

The cost of this project here, shot by SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks, cost more than 1 billions dollars. With a project this big, it has attracted a lot of public interest because of its substantial impact on communities, environments and budgets. 

Don’t confuse grilling with bbq. To grill is to cook the meats quickly, while bbqing is a slower process utilizing smoke more then heat to cover all the parts of the meat equally. Texas uses some tender love and care in bbqing their beef with smoking post oak and having a defiant stand towards sauce.

No need for an explanation here. Beer, cars, and a good ol’ derby. Join the fun with SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks as he photographs one of American’s favorite pastimes.

One of the coolest jobs you can have on this Earth is being a butterfly hunter, and for Flores Moises he is just that. A field biologist from Peru working for the SRTI (Smithsonian Tropical Research Center), its mission is to help contribute a better understanding of tropical habitats, tropical biodiversity and their relevance to

SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks is simply a man who enjoys the outdoors. No need for explanation, just a collection of this man’s time.  

Complete in 1914 and widely considered as one of the largest and most difficult engineering projects ever taken, the Panama Canal is a main conduit for international maritime trading. It employs nearly 9.000 people to handle the 350 million tons of annual traffic it receives. SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks  documents this amazing feet of man and machine.

From houses to stadiums, SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks does it all.

Sometime we need to get out of the house and see what were missing from life’s natural beauty. Be inspired to get out by these beautiful landscapes by SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks.

Doesn’t matter if its Tommy Lee or someone out in the middle of no where, SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks treats all people as equal.  

This series by SAVANT’s Tom Fowlks travels Guanidip, Panama to photograph the citizens who inhabit the islands. Along with many of the age old traditions that are still practiced today, only 36 of the islands are inhabited. nds, only about 36 are inhabited, along with the old 

Lance Macky a survivor of cancer has gone through his share of struggles. Losing some of his jaw and neck because of the cancer and as well surviving bankruptcy, Macky is known as the toughest competitor in Iditarods history. Building his name on a kennel of dogs that nobody wanted, Lance Macky has soldiered through