SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert creates a delicate ambience for her shoot, “Xoxo Katie,” by using soft, hazy light.

SAVANT artist Marcie Cobbaert gives us an intimate view of gritty street fashion in her black and white set, “Last Chance.”

SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert brings this street fashion into its full force by contrasting spunky patterns and textures against the LA River. 

To commemorate the last day of May, we give you a beautiful set by SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert. Marcie’s set, “Maggie In May,” celebrates the long, sunny days of May with brilliant hues of green along with bold black and white images.

Here’s a pairing you won’t see everyday but hey, SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert  makes it work beautifully between the orange gun, the pastel shirts and the jewlery all worn by the wonderful Kate Amundsen.

Not many people can rock a one piece in downtown like Sarah Harper. SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert mixes a bit of business with some fun in this set of urban images.

If this is a typical break for SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert then lunch will be on me. Brittany Lucas is simply alluring, from the bodysuit to the sequin dress, there is no wrong done here. 

Its always nice to see some color on these concrete walls in Los Angeles. With the help of Rachel from LA Models, SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert gave the city some life with these images.

Grace Bene can a wear a one piece like no other. Lets join her and SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert out on the sand with these beachy photos.  

What is there not to love about a woman with red lipstick on. Grace Bene is photographed here by SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert.

The purple pastel dress worn by Binx is shot enchantedly by SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert.  

Take a break and chill out  by the beach with Katie Chapman. Photographed by SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaert.

Here we have Alysha Nett being photographed by SAVANT’s Marcie Cobbaret in this retro inspired set of images.