SAVANT’s Adam Rindy creates a refreshing mix between film and digital with the beautiful Hanna Doerksen for Ben Trovato. .

Flirtatious, seductive and inviting–here’s the fall and winter campaign shot for Foreign Exchange by SAVANT’s Adam Rindy.

Sometimes the absence of complexity can lead to things more rewarding. Armed with a simple white background and inspiration Jeffrey Campbell here is a vibrant set by SAVANT’s Adam Rindy. 

Let’s enjoy the summertime with Jeffery Campbell and company with this set of poolside photos shot by SAVANT’s Adam Rindy. 

Here we have the mesmerizing Minji Money as photographed by SAVANT’s Adam Rindy.    

With a smooth vintage look, here we have Love Zoey photographed by SAVANT’s Adam Rindy.

You can literally say that SAVANT’s Adam Rindy captured these lustful images in an instant with this set.  

Arousing the idea of grunge, SAVANT’s Adam Rindy photographs a set of a reclusive and detached Rachel Finley.

SAVANT’s Adam Rindy charmingly photographs the bold colors worn by Samantha Basalari with this alluring set of images.

For most, rebellion is an act of disobedience. For others, its a headstrong approach towards challenging what the traditional routine is. SAVANT’s Adam Rindy brings in a touch of vintage imagery to his set, “I am Rebel,” for See You Monday.        

SAVANT’s Adam Rindy set, “I am Freedom,” for See You Monday captures Kelly Ash retreating from the pressures of every day life and letting go in the backwoods.   via See You Monday

Seamlessly blending art and textures from walls with models, SAVANT’s Adam Rindy created “I am Muse” for See You Monday.     via See You Monday            

SAVANT’s Adam Rindy photographed Ali Collier in a sporty-chic set for fashion brand StyleStalker.   via StyleStalker

SAVANT’s Adam Rindy worked alongside Ford Model Joella to create this spread for Superior Magazine.     via Superior

Here’s SAVANT’s Adam Rindy recent shoot for Tequila Sunrise.